The well-being of every child is strongly influenced by the situation in the family and the environment.

It can only change positively if its family and its neighborhood develop to the same extent. That is why Gugma offers opportunities that allow parents to improve household income.

In addition, programs that serve the entire community are offered in cooperation with the "Barangays" (district administration) and other authorities or institutions.

  • External agencies inform the parents about the requirements for applying for and receiving a small loan, for example to be able to open a mango stand or a kiosk, a so-called «Sari-Sari-Store».

  • The parents are informed about the possibility of so-called TESDA training and, if they wish, referred to such a course. TESDA are job-based courses such as sewing, welding or baking.

  • Older unemployed siblings who have not finished school are informed about the possibility of an ALS (Alternative Learning System) school certificate and given access to it.

  • Weekly Bible study with parents to encourage their sense of responsibility.

  • In cooperation with another organization that specializes in addiction and mental health, programs are currently being organized with the aim of helping people with addictions. Some parents of the children looked after by Gugma also have an addiction problem.

  • The families and the children regularly take part in fire brigade exercises in order to be able to react correctly in the event of a fire.

  • The children make cards, dream catchers and figures from glass beads. It is a creative therapy. Gugma then sells the art. Part of the income goes to the children, who can invest the money in their savings accounts. On the other hand, further Gugma projects can be supported with this.