Our former client Anna-Fay completed her computer science studies, then worked successfully as a "web site analyst" and as a lecturer at the university. Anna-Fay is part of our organization's Board of Trustees. She is married and has a child.

Joel hat am Ende seiner Gugma-Zeit eine Schweißer-Ausbildung absolviert, arbeitete zunächst in Cagayan, hatte dann eine gut bezahlte Stelle in Manila und arbeitet zurzeit in einer Werft in Japan.

Before leaving Gugma Joel was trained as a welder. After that he first worked in Cagayan, then had a well-paid job in Manila and is currently working in a shipyard in Japan.

Pretty Hosen was with Gugma for many years. Her commitment and self-confidence were remarkable. A few years ago she got her bachelor's degree in sociology. She is currently working as a supervisor in a restaurant.

Poalo came to Gugma in 1999 as a 7-year-old street child, stayed until 2009 and was then able to successfully complete his theology studies with the help of a scholarship. Today is a priest with changing locations in Mindanao.

These three young women from our project completed their bachelor’s degree in 2018:

Abigail (left) has a degree in psychology and is currently working in a school.

Erica (middle) works as a teacher.

Her sister Nikki (right) has a job in a call center, which she likes because she can mainly chat with Americans there.

Here are some more stories without picture:

  • Tyroon first worked as a welder (the training had been organized by Gugma) in a shipyard in General Santos in the south of Mindanao. In the meantime he transferred to Manila where he repairs computer.

  • Judy-Anne first worked as a house maid and is now married and has two children.

  • Me-Ann graduated as civil engeneer in Cebu. 

  • Danny works in the city administration of Cagayan.