Vol 1 issue No 4 December 2005





In different occasions, GsK children celebrated Christmas 2005.  In December 11, 2005 the family of Toyota Cagayan De Oro Finance and Administration division, have brought priceless gifts of fun and laughter, songs and dances for forty-five (45) children of Gsk who shouted and jumped for joy.   Gatekeepers Mesdames Jean and Diana had maximized the participation of every child in an enriching way.  Jason Awitin (in white shirt) had his first hopped and became very visible as a person. Heljohn Lusa, sophomore high school student, who spoke on behalf of Gsk to express gratitude, was moved to tears “we hope that you will continue to support us in our struggles. I am survived by an alcoholic mother that is the reason why I strived to study hard.. “


The closing remark of Madam Juvilyn Tacbobo stressed that “we have our struggles too in the process of organizing.  But we felt so blessed to have chosen you and spend this Sunday with you instead with our families. “    Material gifts of 50 kilos of rice, used clothes, a box of toys, food stuff were donated for the children.

BAGO 173













“Chair relay is fun with our Ate from Toyota.”        



Below: Kuya Alvin, ONE CDO, looks beautiful being made by the

Children as a Christmas tree

BAGO 244 Handog sa Pasko Saya at Tuwa by ONE CDO was given to Gsk children.   In December 18, 2005, ONE CDO, (organization ng mga nagkahiugsang mga Estudyante sa Cagayan de Oro) had chosen street children as beneficiaries for Christmas 2005.  The Gsk children had so much fun and laughter that they will always cherish with the bonding established between them and to the Ate and Kuya of ONE CDO. ONE CDO is an alliance of students from various Colleges in Cagayan de Oro. Led by Mr. Jay Are Mendoza, president of the Supreme Council the group spent their Sunday too with the other street children and organization like Balay Canosa.  The two-hour Christmas program was held at Pilgrim Christian College which was participated by 25 Gsk children.  The Executive Director gave the welcome address.


In another occasion, in December 17, 2005 children in conflict with the law at Lumbia celebrated Christmas 2005.  Only twenty-five minors will be celebrating Christmas 2005 in jail.






BAGO 220“Our body is the temple of God,” underscored Mr. Vince Greg Mercado.  “We should not destroy our body for it belongs to God.  In December 9, 2005 Mr. Mercado, a clinical instructor at Philippines Women’s University, a nurse and sociologist by profession, was the resource person on the drug awareness education. He discussed the different dangerous types of drugs and how it destroys our                       

“Slippers, shirts and more can make the longest line>     body and mind- downers and sedatives.

Fun to make the longest line facilitated by Junjun

Managantan during the Christmas program in jail.


 In relevance to the query of solvent/rugby users,  Vince stressed that it caused stomach ulcers, dried up the brain that eventually leads to social problem i.e. crime.   Furthermore, he warned the children that “intake of cough syrup without prescription by the physician is very dangerous to health.  Dosage of an adult is different from a child.”    As a parting word to the children he urged the twenty-nine (29) minors who are in conflict with the law to refrain from vices – smoking, drinking and sniffing.




BAGO 138The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was a historic moment between Gugma sa Kabataan and Liceo de Cagayan University.


In December 7, 2005 the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement took place in joint undertaking community outreach program and services by the College of Education and the Liceo Center for community Development and Gugma sa Kabataan.   The signing was witnessed by the college of Education students and faculty, Department of Education, and government official from Barangay Kauswagan.




Center: Gsk Executive Director signed the     

MOA. From left:  Ms. Frtizie Caybor,                

Vice President Mariano Lerin and Dean          

Martina Brobo                                      .


The Memorandum of Agreement stated that Liceo de Cagayan University will provide services every Saturday afternoon from 1:30 – 4:00 in the afternoon to Gugma sa Kabataan as an outreach program.  Gugma sa Kabataan, the covenanting party to provide the venue, participants

and activity.  Also, it is stipulated in the agreement that both parties will issue certificates to actively involved students.


Ian Awitin, 12 year old Gsk client, was a witnessed in the MOA.  Ian shared his life story as a street child, “I am on the 2nd grade pupil at City Central.  For three years I was out-of school because I had to scavenge for food and recycled things, begged for money and food to earn for a living to help my widowed mother.”  Gsk Executive Director urged the future teachers that learning is both in the “ideal and in the actual world. The beautiful life story of Ian will enrich what you’ve learned from the school to reconcile theory into reality.”






The theme “Bright Child: Yaman ng Magulang, Lakas ng Bayan” motivated GsK children to demonstrate their capabilities in various activities during the celebration of the Children’s month in October 2005.


It was a very rewarding experienced for the Gsk children to celebrate with the United church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in the observance of the World Communion Day in October 5, 2005.  During the mid-week prayer meeting, the children sang “Isang Pagkain.”  The children were cooperative in the entire liturgy of the worship service.  As a gesture of appreciation, generous members of the church gave php 20.00 each child. Tree planting was one of the activities that took place during the October 2005 children’s month celebration.  In coordination with the Department Agriculture, seedlings on golden tree were provided with a designated area to plant.  At 7; 00 in the morning seventeen (17) Gsk children together with the staff, participated in the Tree planting located at Lapasan Extension Street.   It is our goal that children will raise their awareness as an environmentalist.                                                                                                                  Below:  Three year old Angel must be

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              very curious on how Ate Jenny Mae

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              planted the Golden tree.



BAGO 048Poster making was another activity that Gsk children enjoyed.  In October 23-28, 2005 fifteen (15) entries in Poster Contest were exhibited at the Tourism hall of the Cagayan de Oro City Hall for public viewing.  The Poster   was made of crayon drawing to integrate the feeling, idea and creativity of the children on the understanding on the theme “Bright child: Yaman ng Magulang, Lakas ng Bayan.”  Criterion were based on – relevance, concept and creativity.  Three major awards were given to: Heljohn Lusa, 1st prize, Jestoni Awitin, 2nd prize and Fredie Acierto, 3rd prize and consolation award of Php20.00 happily received by the children.


BAGO 062I am a bright child because I am a very responsible child in the family, in my studies.  Every Saturday I come here at the GsK center to learn and to help the slow learners in reading’’ Heljohn, the first prize winner on Poster drawing.



From left to Right: Gsk Executive Director, jestoni Awitin, 2nd placer

 Awardees, presented his poster to the panel of judges.  Ms. Cynthia

Rosales, chairperson of the judges listened attentively.








Gugma sa Kabataan is enjoying human resources of people from various fields and disciplines who committed themselves to provide services to the GsK children.  Sir Richard T Belarmino, a certified public accountant by profession, Finance Coordinator Northwest Mindanao, at World Vision, is one of our committed volunteers.  He and his pair of scissor and comb gives free hair cut to the children as his ministry not only to Gsk children together with other street children in Divisoria.  He is a painter too.


Pastor Melvin Ramoso, youth pastor of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, gladly committed to an hour Bible study to GsK parents in Isla de Oro on Thursdays.  Another church worker in the person of Pastor Felixberto Managantan comes every Friday at Lumbia Jail to teach Bible lesson and monthly Eucharistic celebration.                                                                                                    


From the office of the Commission on Urban Poor Region X, Ms. Cynthia Rosales, Assistant Director, who has no time willingly to find time for the Gsk children. “I feel so blessed with the children,” remarked Ms. Rosales who comes on Saturday for an hour Bible study with the children.



BAGO 104July 30, 2005 pictures 012Left:  Children eagerly wait for the hair cut service of Kuya Richard


Right:    GsK children listened to the Bible story Pastor Melvin