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Prices and incomes in the Philippines are rather low, compared to developed countries.


Some examples:

1 day 
food for one child 
EUR 0.60 
1 year 
school for one child 
EUR 120.00 
(including: fee, uniform, material) 
1 month 
wage of an employee 
EUR 120.00 

Nevertheless, GsK needs a decent budged to be able to care for about 40 children in the center and around 10 prison with the help of two fulltime  employees.


The annual budget of Gugma sa Kabataan amounts to about 30.000 Euro.


This sum is mainly raised by private persons from Germany. However an increasing amount of money is also donated by local sponsors.


For interested readers, click on the following:

Financial statement of Gugma sa Kabataan for the years 2014 and 2015


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