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The Philippines


        2,000 inhabited islands puls 5,000 uninhabited ones in south eastern Asia: These are the Philippines. Due to the subtropical climate, plenty of plants grow here: from rice to cacao, from coffee to various exotic fruits. Because of the nearness to the equator, there are almost no seasons but harvests around the year.All greater cities are located by the sea, offering lots of fish. One can find picturesque beaches with glass-clear water and a spectacular biosphere. Most of them are relatively unfrequented, a dream for individual tourists.


       In 2010, approximately 91 million people live in the Philippines, i. e. more than three times as much as in 1950. This fact represents one main reason for the country not being the paradise possible: the immense population increase.


       Certainly, another main reason is corruption, occupying the entire public and economic sector: from the national government to the single civil servants. Thus the economic growth is hindered.


Cagayan de Oro


         Like most other cities in the Philippines, Cagayan de Or√≥ does not deserve an award for its beauty. Jeepneys, motorellas and multicabs fill the air of the city with a brown smog you cannot ignore. Driving around on the concrete roads, with kilometers of cables above it, you will see big malls, unpainted concrete houses and wooden dwellings. Therefore, reasons to visit this city are not to be found in its beauty but there are other things that could bring you here.


        For example, the great hospitality of the Philippinos, their sweet children and the beautiful nature found near the city will make you want to stay even longer than your airplane ticket allows.



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