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Thirteen years old Mark was a victim of the worst form of child labour. He worked in a quarry (digging sand from the river bank, load it to the boat and finally to the truck). His perseverance did not mind him to be exploited, engaged in a rigorous and dangerous work. He is paid Php 47.00 (less than 1 Euro) for 5 hours.  .


Coming from a family with eleven members, he knows that it is impossible for his parents to provide his school needs.  In spite of inadequate nutritious food and school projects, he remains consistently in the top and is a outstanding pupil in grade school. He is awarded in mathematics and dreams of becomming an accountant


Erika was 2 years old while her younger sister was two months old when the parents have abandoned them and opt to have another family.  She grew up with her grandparents who can only promise from a day to day subsistence.  

Scavenging recycled materials became her alternative source in order to go to school.  After school, she goes around to the neighbourhood looking for empty plastic bottled water where she could sell to buy her school needs.


Two years ago her mother died and the responsibility to  look after her younger sibling was passed on to her.  Now that she is 9 years old, she believed that she is matured enough to do things for herself and the siblings.   

At times her father depend on her from the money earned doing petty works for the neighbourhood.  From the money earned will be used to buy rice for the family.




Hunger is not an obstacle for him to quit schooling. During lean months he and his mother have missed two meals.  For every peso he earned from the scavenged recycled materials, he used it to buy his school projects.  


He and his mother were abandoned by his father.  During the first three years his father financially supported him. Though it is possible for him to be with his father but he chose to be with his mother.   If  and he decided to be with father, his mother should be with him believing that one day he hopes that family will be completed.


Longing for the togetherness of his family is  deepest pain.   Since the three of them with his siblings were taken by relatives he longed to be with them.   He was 8 years old when he and his other siblings got separated from each other due to abandonment.   No matter how painful it is growing up from broken homes he believed that his mother made a right decision to break up the relationship with an irresponsible father.  In some ocassins, he visited his father, but he remains no responsibility to him. 


The only way he support his studies is to do errands for his school teachers.  He can be exempted from the school projects fro every errands he does to school.    His determination to get an education never gives him a discouragement.   He gets up early at 4:00 in the morning helping his foster parents to do household work before school.


She became numbed to know who her mother was.  For so long she had lived with her aunt but never heard of her mother.  


In several occasions she stopped going to school.  She can not be in school most of the time because she had to look after the children of her aunt and doing other household works. Finally at her age at 17 years old, she finally finished her elementary grade.



To get an education is what she wants in life.  She has to sacrifice to be away from her family to venture in a big city for a better education.   In the village she had to spend 6 hours


She worked in the open market to sell dried fish so that she can earn to support her studies.  After school she spent two hours to work in the market for her school needs In spite of her homesickness, difficulty to work and study, her determination is the secret in all her endeavours.


Sense of responsibility as the eldest child of three siblings is her gift. A very thoughtful and loving sister who comes home with food from selling cooked fish. 


Elvie is in danger because of her traumatic experience caused by his father. For every mistake/shortcomings committed she is physically abused by her father. She had learned to run and jumped from the window to get rid of his father’s abusive hand.


Now that she is 11 years old, she struggled so hard to overcome her trauma.   Her talent in dancing gracefully becomes her way to release her fear and hostility to his father.


He is too short to be 12 years old.   He would prefer to work even beyond his capability to avoid being verbal and physical abused by his mother.   He is expected to carry water bucket from the public faucet for the family water supply. A three gallon water buckets is too heavy for his age to carry yet he has to obey.


His eyes tell how lonely he is. In spite of his school accomplishments he got no moral support.  As an awardee in the school, no one among the parents joined him to receive the award with him. 


At the age of 16 years old she has no choice but to work.  However it is work that is dangerous, difficult and dirty (3 D’s).  After three hours rest from the school she goes to work in a nearby restaurant to wash dishes from 7 in the evening to 3:00 in the morning with an earning of Php 60.00.  Daily she gets 2 hours rest before she goes to her class that starts at 7:30 in the morning.


The goal to get an education motivated her to endure the hard worked.   Coming from a family size of 9 siblings brings no hope to be able to go to school.   Considering a frail mother who is a cigarette vendor, she realized that she should take a responsibility for her future.  Hostility to the father can not be easily healed.   No one among the members of the family is spared beaten up by the father.   From the 2nd floor of the apartment she had to jump to escape from being abused.


He must be born to be an artist to overcome his depression.  In school he is recognized as the Best in art.   He was observed to be gifted in painting, clay sculpting and fashion apparels.  


His hunchback was caused by bacteria in the bones. During the pregnancy, the mother just ignored the right to maternal and child health. After learning that there is no hope that he can be cured, his choice is to attain his goal to finish school and get a good job.


He is struggling hard to fight against poverty and suffering from a deadly disease Hepatitis-B.  He had to scavenge for food from the rubbish.  Because of a empty stomach, he did not mind the bacteria from the dumped of waste to find food.


He was considered as a child with learning disability.  Yet, he has the gift in art that expresses creativity and originality. Whatever he learned, he strived to keep the knowledge and master it.


Perhaps “Divine” lived in her name because she is very forgiving to her father who beats her younger sister and comes home loaded with liquor.  As a victim of abandonment she tried to live up, obedient to the expectation of her grandmother who took the responsibility of her parents.  The only means she can go to school is to help her grandmother peddling food in the vicinity.   Like the other street children, she was a victim of a vehicular accident that the driver doesn’t mind because she is a street child.


She will be in her junior year and remains a hard working student.  In spite of her longing from a parental love, she did her best to look after her younger sister.  She was made to be silent but her silence becomes her strength to struggle hard to live as a responsible and matured person.


Until now she does not know how to talk about her trauma from a violent father.  She and her elder brother were witnesses of the terror that was experienced by her mother. 


Her gift of intelligence has helped her to rise above being a victim of violence of all forms.  She had been a consistent academic awardees. Creativity in art becomes a healthy way to overcome her nightmare.

May May

She is torn between loving and hating.  She have the believe that she has to love her alcoholic, irresponsible father but in reality she hate him.    She was 3 years old when her mother left her.   Daily she meets her father on the same place on the street. He sells cigarettes while she is a food peddler. . 


In school, she established a community where each one supports each other.  She may not excel academically but her gregariousness brings healing.

Judy Ann

She opts to be silent to change the ways of her mother.   Together with her other siblings the house is too noisy to hear the loud voice of the mother. Her being verbally abused pushed her to go to the street going around collecting rubbish and dumped it for a cost  of Php 1 to Php 2 per bucket.


She is anxious of that she is not safe in her house.  She is sleeping together with her three sisters on the same bed with her two older brothers.  However, she is strong to know that there is a law that protect her.

Nove Mae

She is looking forward for being able to finish the elementary grade.  Nobody in the 5 siblings got an education.  She was 9 years old when she started the 1st grade.  Absenteeism and tardiness became a problem because there was nothing to eat before she went to school.


Neglect and abused, she had no choise except for going on the street.   She knocked at the door to ask people for money in exchange of throwing away their rubbish.  For a bag of rubbish, she got Php 1.00. She had to walk 600 meters to dump the rubbish


She is a victim of an early pregnancy.  Both mother and father are unskilled and have lack of education. That makes that they are not qualified for a decent job.  Her father is imprisoned because of selling illegal drugs.


Vanvan is a typical victim of abuse – verbally, physically and emotionally.  As a victim she prefers not to talk while tears roll down on her cheeks.


He trembles in fear each time his father comes home loaded by liquor.  For every mistake or shortcoming he was beaten up.  He doesn’t know what it means to be loved and be cared because his mother abandoned him at the age of 2 while his father cuddled his machete in bed.


Determination is Joels entire gift.  He gets up early to sell bread to the vicinity before he goes to school.  But every penny he earnes is taken away by his father and his grandmother to buy food.  But when there was still some of his earned money left, he used it to buy his school projects


Daily he got only 4 hours sleep.  He gets up at 4:00 in the morning and goes to bed at 12:00 midnight. He works as a tricycle driver.  He has to earn Php 30.00 to Php 40:00 to buy his school supplies and food for his family.


He deserves to be awarded as student who persevered because he no longer feels the fatigue of his body in exchange to education.  He can not  depend to his irresponsible father who just sits all day long.


A very brave and matured girl who was a victim of abuse and neglect. Her mother married five times without thinking about the exposure of Abbey to possible rape and molestations.  Abandonment and neglect pushed Abbey to the street. Each time she comes home from school she realizes that her mother didn't left food for her.  Than she has no choice but looking for recycled materials she can sell to buy her food. 


The ability to say NO is Abbeys gift.  She is very willing to leave her mother if she can not be attended to much more to be protected from her step fathers.  


Abbey is a smart girl in school, that opened an opportunity to continue her education.   She got a consistent academic award in Mathematics and Science.


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