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Ich gehöre zu Gugma sa Kabataan, weil . . . .


Ich gehöre zu  Gugma sa Kabataan, weil ich hier eine neue Familie habe, die sich um mich kümmert.  Sie kümmern sich um mich und geben mir, wonách ich mich sehne, nämlich mit meinen zwei Brüdern und meiner Schwester zu sein



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan, because knowing the law gives me protection against my abused father. So that I will be free.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan, because I am able to go to school and I am assured that I will be able to get good grades for  my school projects. 



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan,  because  I am now free from abuse and neglect. My dream is that I will live one day in a  non-violent happy family.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan,.  I am no longer a victim of the worst form of child labour. Before I worked for 8 hours a day (7 in the evening to 3:00 in the morning), but now I am having fun in school and I am learning a lot.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan, because I understand the meaning of good partnership with my grandparents. They struggle hard to raise me and my younger sister, to be good children.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan, because before I collected garbage but now I am a consistent academic awardee.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan, because I am going to school without being hungry.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan, because now I am no longer walking from my home to school.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan,. Family means everything for me. I committed to look after with my grandmother who took responsibility for me and my younger sister in times of  abandonment by our parents.


I am a Gugma sa Kabataan.   I have learned the human rights of every child. I am in GsK for two years now and I enjoy my survival, my development, my protection and participation.



I am a Gugma sa Kabataan.  As a victim of neglect I never expected that I would be able to get a secondary education.



 I am a Gugma sa Kabataan,   I am now an achiever of my goals in all aspects.  


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