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Gugma sa Kabataan – an alternative place for children living on the street

           In Cagayan the Oro the weekend Night Café is a very important event   for the children on the street.   The Night Café is a good opportunity for the many street children to earn money and socialization.    The territorial barriers among street children were broken as they performed their talent in hip hopping and dancing.    In spite of their young age the law on child labor prevail when majority are engaged as peddlers and car watchers.  Also, the worst poverty stricken children are roaming around begging for left over food from the table if not for money.  

         Children who live on the street are very hazardous.   As victims of abused, neglect and abandonment from families life on the street remains unsafe and dangerous. In street life, they are so vulnerable and at risk to vehicular accidents, sexually transmitted infections, exploitation by adult street dwellers, crime and prostitution.


        Gugma sa Kabataan  is a temporary place that provides the street children an opportunity to develop themselves.  There the children can be safe and feel at home. It is a place where the children are respected as a person, in all their uniqueness, where each one’s talents and capabilities are recognized and affirmed.


        Gugma sa Kabataan provide an atmosphere of trust and teambuilding which everyone is eduated and nurtured in the Christian virtue where faith, hope, and love abound


        Gugma sa Kabataan is Visayan dialect which  translated in English  means Love for the Children


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